Cyber Security Services​​

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Cyber Security Services​​

Flexibility, simplicity, quality, speed of adoption, cost optimization - utilize the benefits of the as-a-Service approach in the Cyber Security domain, by subscribing to our Managed Security Services.​​

Information Security Governance​​

CISO as a Service​​

It offers organizations access to a pool of experienced cyber security practitioners who take on the role of a Chief Information Security Officer in your business.​

Cyber Security Awareness & Training​​

Our managed Security Awareness Training program  helps you manage the IT security problems of social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware attacks.​​

Information Security Audits​​

With our intelligence services we provide private security and OSINT researches by your request.​​

GDPR Assessments​​

Our GDPR Third Party Assessments ensure both data controllers and data processors properly secure PII data in order to meet GDPR’s requirements.​​

Security Coding Advisory​

We look for vulnerabilities in your applications and software development and provide a remediation plan to ensure all problems are fixed.​​

Security Assessments & Integrations​

Cyber Security Posture Assessment

Provides an overall view of the organization’s internal and external security posture by comprehensive assessment approach.​

Infrastructure Penetration Testing​

Penetration test of computer systems, network devices or IP address ranges to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited.​

WiFi Penetration Testing​

Penetration test of wireless network encryption to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited.​

Web Application Penetration Testing​

Penetration test to assess the architecture, design and configuration of web applications and identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited.​

Mobile Application Penetration Testing​

Mobile app penetration testing reveals vulnerabilities in the cyber security posture of a mobile application.​

Breach & Attack Simulations

These simulations identify vulnerabilities in security environments by mimicking the likely attack paths and techniques used by malicious actors.​


Our security integration services enable seamless and secure experiences for your customers, from the back office through to the front office.​


Security Operations​​

SecOps Monitoring​​

Managed Security Operations Centre services to help your organization detect and respond to cyber threats 24/7/365​. Our analysts monitor your WAF by inspecting your web application traffic, whitelist valid requests and data, and build a policy that blocks malicious traffic​.​

  •     24/7 Enterprise Managed Security Operations center​​
  •     Outsourced 24/7 SOC (dedicated or shared team)​​
  •     Firewall/WAF/AV Monitoring​

SecOps Investigations​​

We assist organizations conduct investigations of accidents, incidents and near misses​.​

  •     Incidents Investigations​​
  •     Cyber Forensics​​

Vulnerability & Threat Management​​

Designed to gather data across the global landscape of potential cyber threats, including existing and emerging threats and cybercrime actors. Provide actionable insight into your security risks and identifying vulnerabilities behind those risks​.​

  •     Threat Intelligence Service​​
  •     Vulnerability & Patch Management ​​

Digital Identity​​

IAM Architectures

Оur solutions include sophisticated Identity and Access Management (IAM) protocols that provide precise user access control

PAM Architectures​​

Privileged Access Management (PAM) systems that secure and monitor privileged credentials and activities. This holistic approach to identity security not only enhances protection but also aligns seamlessly with regulatory standards and best practices, anchoring your organization's commitment to a secure digital environment.

Zero Trust Security

A strategic approach that secures an organization by eliminating implicit trust and continuously validating every stage of digital interaction. Our consultancy service provides a comprehensive framework for enforcing data and system security, ensuring no user or system is trusted by default, from inside or outside the network. We aid in the implementation of protocols that verify who is requesting access, the context of the request, and the risk of the access environment.

Zero Trust Security​​

Identity Operations​​

Our service enhances the protection of identity management processes. By continuously monitoring and managing user identities, access rights, and authentication, we help prevent unauthorized access to systems and data. Our Security Operations for IAM includes real-time surveillance of user activities, swift response to incidents, and regular audits to ensure that access rights are consistent with evolving security policies and regulations. our solutions include sophisticated Identity and Access Management (IAM) protocols that provide precise user access control